Integrated Risk Management at Vodafone -
Making the Right Connections

Aug. 22, 2017 | 11 a.m. EDT

With much talk about integrated risk management being the new way to manage enterprise wide risks, we have a discussion with Vodafone - one of the world’s leading telecommunication providers.

Integrated risk management is about making the right connections of data between the people who need to communicate risk data. Vodafone, who manages well over a trillion calls each year and hundreds of billions of text messages, pictures and videos, is well acquainted with the need to make the right connections.

Over the past 12 months, Riskonnect has been working with Vodafone to expand the relationships with an ever growing cross-section of data from inside and outside Vodafone.

In this webinar, representatives from Riskonnect and Vodafone will describe:

  • The history of risk management at Vodafone

  • How the risk management functions within Vodafone are starting to communicate with related taxonomies, risk measurement and risk reporting tools

  • The role technology has played and is now capable of playing as technology has finally caught up with the field of risk management


Katie Moore

Group Risk Manager, Vodafone

Adelani Adesida

Business Development Manager, Riskonnect

Mark Holt

Sales Director, Riskonnect