Insights: Overcoming the Big Disappointments of Big Data

May 23, 2017 | 11 A.M. EDT

Big data should translate into big opportunities for risk management, but more often it’s the failures that loom largest:

  • Too much data to digest and analyze into actionable intelligence for decision-makers

  • Vanity metrics that look great but mean nothing

  • Analysis paralysis, or at the very least, whiplash from trying to look at a confusing mass of indicators without knowing where to focus

Riskonnect Insights is a revolution in risk data analytics, allowing business users — not data scientists — to help their organizations make smarter, faster business decisions.

Riskonnect product and analytics experts will demonstrate Insights’ capabilities with specific applications for risk management, from safety, to risk and claims management,  to compliance, governance, audit and integrated risk management.



Angie Trygestad

AVP, Product Delivery Riskonnect


Kristi McFarlin

Director, Analytics Riskonnect